Skills Organisation Pilots for economic recovery

12 March 2021

As the Australian Government works toward economic recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic, it has funded three Skills Organisation Pilots to strengthen industry’s role in the vocational education and training (VET) system to create a job-ready workforce.

The recently established industry-led Pilots, in the Mining, Human Services and Digital sectors,are exploring new ways to strengthen the role of industry in the VET System and investigating what employers need to lead strategic and collaborative thinking on a wide range of workforce and skilling issues including employee recruitment, career pathways, and businesses growth.

In 2020 the Human Services Skills Organisation led the development of the Entry into Care Roles skill set to rapidly train, reskill, and upskill people to work in the aged care and disability support sectors.

Meanwhile, to address a critical shortage of skilled data analysts, the Digital Skills Organisation (DSO) launched an initiative with training providers Goanna Education, General Assembly, and TAFE Queensland to trial solutions to train and employ 100 data analysts each.

Skills Organisation Pilots are also undertaking qualification design trials to help address the changing skills needs of employers and individuals. The Mining Skills Organisation Pilot will run the first qualification trial to develop and test a new apprenticeship model to train mobile diesel plant mechanics. The qualification will incorporate critical skills that cross traditional occupations and will provide the mining sector with workers who possess the skills required to cover a range of capabilities.

Industry leaders from the Skills Organisation Pilots will continue to hold Workforce of the Future livestreamed event series, through 2021. The series allows members of the public to hear directly about the projects, including the challenges and opportunities facing their sectors.

The next forum will be held on Friday 26 February and will focus on what employers want out of the national VET System. To register or to find out more click here.

To read more about Each Skills Organisation Pilot visit:

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