Career Transition Assistance program

22 July 2020

Career Transition Assistance Image two people talking

Giving mature age Australians the confidence to get back into the workforce

Re-entering the workforce at an older age can be daunting. However find out how Catherine and Wanda, built up their confidence and skills through the Career Transition Assistance (CTA) program.

CTA is designed for Australians aged 45 years and older, to help them with their confidence, identifying transferable skills and experience, and develop new skills so they can find jobs around their local area.

Both Catherine and Wanda found jobs after completing CTA. They received help with:

  • enhancing their IT skills on computers, tablets and smart phones
  • learning the tips and tricks to apply for jobs online
  • marketing their previous career and experience for new job opportunities
  • developing CVs and job applications which standout to potential employers.

To find out more on how CTA can help you, please visit the Department of Education, Skills and Employment website.