Delivering better careers information through a digital platform

The digital platform is a front door to careers information to help people plan, navigate and manage their career. Supported by data from the National Skills Commission, the digital platform will offer and connect people with learning, training and employment options suited to them.

People will be able to explore career options, access career quizzes, tips on how write a resume and attend an interview. It will also connect people to financial and other support services.

Co-designing the digital platform

In 2019 the National Career Institute began the process of co-designing the digital platform by talking to a wide range of people including:

  • people at of all ages and all stages in their career journey
  • parents
  • employers
  • career advisors

Consultation included focus groups, a hackathon and an online survey which was completed by over 5000 people.

Delivery of the digital platform

Feedback from the co-design consultations have been used to develop and build the next stage of the digital platform. A further update is scheduled before the end of 2020.

Why a digital platform?

Presently, online information about career opportunities and pathways in Australia is provided across numerous websites published by a range of organisations such as Commonwealth and State governments, industry associations and bodies, businesses, education providers and training providers.

People searching for careers development information across these websites may receive conflicting information as some websites are powered by different data sources.

The digital platform will ensure Australians have one central online location to go for the most relevant, up to date and accurate careers data to provide greater confidence in the career choices they are making.

Some of the findings from the consultations include: